Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day in Delaware County

It appears that most of us survived St. Patrick's Day.  I began hearing from friends early this afternoon, so I assume they have shaken off the effects of yesterday's festivities.  It was a busy and beautiful day all over the county.  St. Patrick smiled upon the Center of the Universe yesterday.  Springfield had its annual parade.  Bars all over the county were bustling serving up ham and cabbage in large volumes.  Widener University played host to the 2012 Donnybrook Cup facing the U.S. Tomahawks off against the Ireland Wolfhounds.  The U.S. brought home the hardware in a hard-fought, 38-20 battle.  The post-game party was held at Harrah's, where Delaware County's own Irish band Blackthorn played to a huge crowd of St. Patty's reverllers.  I got to hang out and chat with a number of the Wolfhounds players.  All were thoroughly enjoying their St. Patrick's Day in the U.S.  One of the Wolfhounds players got on stage and sang Molly Malone with the band.  Several hundred people enjoyed the festivities at Harrah's. 

Blackthorn crowd at Harrah's on St. Patrick's Day 2012

The Shanty's Irish band played at The Erin Pub in Norwood.  There is always a Delaware County reunion party at the Pub on St. Partrick's Day.  I spoke to people from all over the area yesterday at the Erin Pub.  The McGee family originally from Colwyn, then Broomall, came in from all over Delaware and Montgomery County, to celebrate their mother's St. Patrick's Day birthday.  One of three birthdays celebrated there yesterday.  Blackthorn came into the Pub for dinner between their gigs at Harrah's, and Brownie's 23 East.  Michael and John Boyce of the band also sang the National Anthem at the rugby match at Widener earlier in the afternoon.  A couple of busy Irishmen yesterday.  As the night wore on, the crowd at the Pub waned, and another St. Patrick's Day in the Center of the Universe was in the books.  Delaware County knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

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